Friday, March 30, 2012

Tree Play

Wearing the most ridiculous costume ever-A tree-I said my lines for the XMas play at Church. It felt silly; wearing a tree on my back, and in the videoes my dad kept laughing. It didn't feel that bad, but I nearly took out some lights!!!!!!!!!! (I will tell ya that they were very low XMas lights.)


Please don't blame me for not writing more; I've been quite backed up...Here's why.
My school had a play. We were doing Aladdin, and (Even though I should've been a main character) I wound up wearing my Beggar Woman costume. I was a bit disappointed at first, but then I realized that my outfit was "like totally cool" because I was the only Beggar out there who wore an I had to chase Aladdin at one point, and my only other big spotlight was my super-short solo came. After that, it was all, "Oh, Mattie, you belted it out like them pros!" I'll admit that it was pretty awesome, but not like a bragger size or anything. Oh yeah, and next year, I call a main character!