Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Mrs.Schimke

My second grade teacher is Mrs.Schimke.Her dog has recently broken her nose.She is a big
KSU or Wildcat fan.I'm NOT happy that I'm moving...AGAIN.This time to Alabama.I love her a lot.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

For Mayo,Karen Mayo

MAYO!!!!My kindergarten cool kid!!I dooooo-oooo miss ya'!!How are ya'??...not that you're
readin' my cunnin' mind.Still,how're your present-pupils?COOL?MOTIVATED?DO THEY LIKE
YOU????(!!!)Sorry for my trouble.Bye-bye,Mattie Steed

Monday, May 10, 2010


Mmm hmm...I 'member a whole lotta my teachers,all of 'em.(DUH!!)"Do tell,do tell". QUIET!!I was gonna tell,y'all!!Hush!Hush!Hush hush!HUUUUSH!!!!!!!!Man,you people SERIOUSLY need to try 'n hushypoo!!Hooh...oh yes.,My 1st teach's Peggy---Peggy,yupa-dupa.She's my PRESCOOL-PAL.Next of all,Mayo,my KINDERGARTEN COOL KID.Next-next,Grimes.She's a NO-'LECTRICITY NANO.So far last,Schimke-----my FAVORITE FUN SOURCE.Bye-bye.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 IN 1

Ok,guys!Remember this:I'm REAL SORRY I don't Blog a lot,and I admit I'm sorta lazy.Well,I guess you people wanna hear 'bout it--right?Okee doke,LET'S START!!!Real quick--below this print,you'll see No.'s 1,2,and 3.They'll represent the order that my family and I viseted the sites--Ft. Dodge,Little House on the Prarie,and the Wizard of Oz museum.We viseted some other places too,but I don't wanna write 'bout 'em.LET'S GO!!!No.1:***FORT DODGE***I viseted Ft.Dodge.It
is PRETTY WELL KNOWN,so lemme save us all some time,and not explain it.I got some rocks,
and I think they were PETRIFIED.We also went to a cowboy museum.No.2:*L.H.O.T.P.*We saw
the Ingals'house,Pa's HANDDUG WELL,and their OUTHOUSE.No.3:*W.O.O.M.*This one's a
little harder to understand,'cause it's not a HUGE thing.But the name says it all.There are 4 parts
to it:chrash,Munchkins,field,and Emarald City.BYE-BYE!!!!!!