Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The 5k Challenge II

No Vinnie this time: Only cold winds and tennis shoes, plus grape-scented porta potties! What is it? THe Turkey Trot, of course! That day I started my final sprint a little too early and do not wish to discuss it further. Thank you.

That Beach House Was...Interesting

If you are ever to vacation on Holden Beach and are thinking of renting a beach house, please DO NOT rent out the one I did. I say this not for the ill being of it's owner, but for the well being of you. Allow me to explain: The shag carpet caught every little sand spur you might drag in on your shoe, adding to the high-intensity carpet staples, one of which I sliced my toe on. Secondly, the basement: The window unit heating system blew cold air only, and for about five seconds per. Another thing: Bathroom facilities. Quoting my Grandma, "If you drop your soap in those showers, well, then...It is dropped!" I mean, honestly: My sister could literally not get but her stomach wet because of the unadjustible shower head. Plus, the downstairs bathroom smelled like ocean (go figure). And the decor. Ouch, I mean!! On a nail and a piece of gauze not even centered, a sand dollar. Next to a duct-taped Seurat. OWCH. Oh, yeah, and don't even get me started  about the kitchen!!!!!