Wednesday, May 5, 2010

3 IN 1

Ok,guys!Remember this:I'm REAL SORRY I don't Blog a lot,and I admit I'm sorta lazy.Well,I guess you people wanna hear 'bout it--right?Okee doke,LET'S START!!!Real quick--below this print,you'll see No.'s 1,2,and 3.They'll represent the order that my family and I viseted the sites--Ft. Dodge,Little House on the Prarie,and the Wizard of Oz museum.We viseted some other places too,but I don't wanna write 'bout 'em.LET'S GO!!!No.1:***FORT DODGE***I viseted Ft.Dodge.It
is PRETTY WELL KNOWN,so lemme save us all some time,and not explain it.I got some rocks,
and I think they were PETRIFIED.We also went to a cowboy museum.No.2:*L.H.O.T.P.*We saw
the Ingals'house,Pa's HANDDUG WELL,and their OUTHOUSE.No.3:*W.O.O.M.*This one's a
little harder to understand,'cause it's not a HUGE thing.But the name says it all.There are 4 parts
to it:chrash,Munchkins,field,and Emarald City.BYE-BYE!!!!!!