Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Birthday EVER!!!!!!!

Okay, I admit (Once Again) that I'm a LAZY BONES at Blogging. But now I'm here to CATCH YOU UP!!!! The first thing I'd like to inform you of is my 10th Birthday!!!!! It all started when I realized how SUPER-SPECIAL entering double-digits was. I wanted to do something EXTREME for my birthday, to celebrate the arrival of the big ONE-OH!!! I thought about bowling- Nah, too usual. Indoor swimming, maybe? It'd take some PONDERING. Then, one night, my parents introduced a WINNER!!!! It was called Rolling Video Games, or R.V.G. for short. What you did was go inside a trailer that people brought into your driveway. Then you went inside and played VIDEO GAMES!!!!! And so I end my Memo as

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