Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mistah Rogers, The Friends, And The Helpers

All along my fourth-grade year, I've made several irreplaceable BFFs and buddies. This includes the teachers and assistants of Grade Four who work hard and deserve more respect than pets (I couldn't think of anything else to compare them with). To express my gratitude, I have decided to dedicate this post to not only the PES Grade 4 teachers, but also all of the teachers around the world. Here is how..
Mistah Rogers
My epic and funniest homeroom teacher. No offense, mrs. Schimke (My Grade 2 teacher), but you were pretty funny anyways. Ah yes, and I respect your way of letting kids do it their way as long as rules meet ends.
The Friends
Mrs. Eidson-Good with technology. Controls class really well. Knows what she's doing. (BONUS! I saw her at the supermarket!!!)
Mrs. Devine-Most self-describing name. Nice and understanding. Good at starting conversations and has raised your class the bestest that's betterer than bestsest!

The Helpers
Mrs. Scruggs- A fair person in competitons. Has good problem-solving skills and neat handwriting. Good reader and confident in yourself and others.
Mrs. Dalton- Competitive and well-dressed. Wishing you good luck in the future for finding a job as a teacher (You are just learning right now correct?). Good teacher you shouldn't have much trouble finding a god well-paying job!

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  1. Mattie, you are such a wonderful person. I have really enjoyed having you in my class this year. You have the "it" factor that every teacher wants from their students. I could fill up the memory space in your blog by listing all of the things that make you so special. I am truly going to miss having you in my class. I am so thankful to have been your teacher because you made my job so much more fun and enjoyable. Please know that I want to keep in touch with you because you are going to grow up to become an amazing person.

    Your 4th grade teacher,
    "Mistah" Rogers