Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing: The Cousin Camp 2012 Olympics

My Nana is a retired teacher. This may be the prime reason that she came up with "Cousin Camp", which is an annual event where my sister and I and our cousins from both sides of the family gather together and have fun. Each year has a theme. This year, in honor of The Olympics, our theme was--You guessed it--The Olympics. We did various sports, including the 60-Yard Dash, the Javelin throw, the Team 4-By-4 relay, and the hammer throw(Which ended rather abruptly when I accidentally chucked it into an extremely tall Cedar tree.). We even visited one of my Nana's friend's house, and did aquatics in their pool. Unfortunately, we discovered that there was a wasp's nest inside the diving board when a person got stung, and the diving was canceled. ):> We DID do a few races, though, which my partner and I lost (unfortunately!!). We did an awesome Opening Ceremony that my cousin Tindol and I put together. It also was one of my cousin's birthdays, when we got to go see Madagascar 3. It was like, so completely over hilarious that I needed an extra face because I'd laughed my first one off. Okayyyyyyyy....Just kidding!      

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