Friday, August 24, 2012

My New Teacher

Hello, people! It's me here again, giving you another update on my life. This time, it's all about my new, 5th grade teacher, Ms. Reed!
Yesterday (August 23, 2012) was meet your teacher day for my sister and I. Caroline was going into second grade, and I was going into fifth. My family split up to go find teachers and, after some difficulty, my Dad and I found my teacher, Ms. Reed. It was nice to see that her classroom was right across from Mr. Rogers, who was my teacher last year, and it was also nice to see that some of my best friends from last year were in my class this year, too. Despite our wondering, we still can't figure out why "earbuds" were on the school supply list. I guess we'll see...

                                              Fifth Grade Blogger,

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